Nicaragua is an absolutely stunning country that quickly became our favorite in Central America. From incredible volcanoes and gorgeous colonial cities to beautiful beaches and the Caribbean vibe of the Corn Islands, Nicaragua truly has something for everyone and is so fun to explore!

November - April
The dry season from November to April is generally the best time to visit due to the good weather and sunshine, ideal for outdoor activities. The prices may rise a bit during this time, but Nicaragua is so cheap anyways that you probably won't even notice!

You certainly don't need to be fluent, but we HIGHLY recommend learning some basic phrases as you will run into lots of people who do not speak English. Especially if you're taking public buses, you'll really want to know some Spanish.

Nicaragua may not have the best reputation, but we found it to be a very safe country. Of course, you have to pay attention to your surroundings, but I highly doubt you'll have any issues. We never felt unsafe in Nicaragua.

The Nicaraguan córdoba (NIO) is the official currency, but US dollars are widely accepted. We typically used USD when paying larger amounts (like accommodations) and used córdoba for smaller purchases. You likely won't find many places that will take card, so make sure to carry cash!

How to Get Around Nicaragua

The best way to get around Nicaragua is with shuttle buses or the public buses. The shuttle buses are more expensive than traveling by public bus, but they’re also more comfortable and you won’t have to worry about switching buses along the way. When we were in Nicaragua, we only ever used the public buses, and they worked super well. They run often and places in Nicaragua aren’t super far apart; you likely won’t need any buses that are longer than 3 hours.

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