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The best season to visit Bariloche depends on what you're looking for. You can find sunny and warm weather in the summer (December to February), snowy ski weather in winter (June to August), and decent weather and less crowds during the fall and spring. In my biased opinion, April is the best month to visit because you get decent weather, beautiful fall colors, and a lot less people.

Spanish is the official language of Argentina. However, even if you speak Spanish, the Argentine accent is unique and can be challenging to understand at first. Because Bariloche is a tourist hotspot, you'll find that a lot of people speak English. However, learning a few common phrases in Spanish is definitely helpful and much appreciated by the locals!

Yes, Argentina is very safe. We never felt unsafe or uncomfortable anywhere we went.

The official currency used in Argentina is the Argentine peso. Argentina's economy has been grappling with currency issues for several years, during which a number of different exchange rates have come about. This can make it complicated for tourists to get the best rate for their money, so if you're struggling with this, check out our post all about how to get the best exchange rate in Argentina.

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