March-May and September-November
The best seasons to visit the Salta region of Argentina are generally spring and fall, when the weather will be sunny and warm for exploring all of the region's attractions. Though it can be visited any time with generally pleasant weather year round, we recommend avoiding December and January, as those are the hottest and wettest months.

Spanish is the official language of Argentina. However, even if you speak Spanish, the Argentine accent is unique and can be challenging to understand at first. When traveling in the Salta province, we highly recommend learning some Spanish because not a lot of people in this area speak English.

Yes, Argentina is very safe. We never felt unsafe or uncomfortable anywhere we went.

The official currency used in Argentina is the Argentine peso. Argentina's economy has been grappling with currency issues for several years, during which a number of different exchange rates have come about. This can make it complicated for tourists to get the best rate for their money, so if you're struggling with this, check out our post all about how to get the best exchange rate in Argentina.

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