Come for the stunning Adriatic coast, and stay for everything else! Croatia is an absolutely beautiful country, filled with gorgeous seaside towns, unbelievable national parks, and so much history. I (Maddie) studied abroad in Dubrovnik in 2019, and ever since then I’ve always been looking for reasons to return and explore more of Croatia!

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April - October
The best months in Croatia are undoubtedly the summer months when the weather will be perfect to spend some time on the long stretch of Adriatic coastline. However, be aware that these months are the busiest for Croatia, and the tourists hotspots of Hvar, Dubrovnik, and Split can get pretty crowded. We recommend visiting the hotspots during the shoulder season and getting more off the beaten path during the hottest summer months!

The main language is Croatian, but you certainly will not have an issue getting around with English, as most people speak it.

As of January of 2023, Croatia now uses the Euro. If you have any Kuna from previous trips, it will be very difficult to find anywhere that takes it anymore (trust me, we tried!). We always recommend carrying some cash around, but credit cards are very widely accepted in Croatia.

How to Get Around Croatia

Croatia doesn’t have any trains, so you’ll be using buses to get around by public transportation! The buses are comfortable and easy to buy tickets for in advance, and we’ve never had a problem with them.

If you’re exploring Croatia’s islands, you’ll need to buy ferry tickets. The Croatian ferries are not too expensive and are pretty comfortable.

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